431R - Removal Of Disruptive Students From Class

  1. Criteria For Removal Of Disruptive Students 

    Before a teacher initially removes a student for behavior which interrupts or obstructs the learning environment, the following criteria should be considered and satisfied: 

    1. The behaviors have been repeated by the student.

    2. There has been no significant improvement in the student's behavior.

    3. The teacher has conferenced with the student.

    4. The teacher has conferenced with the parent.

    5. The teacher has conferenced with the principal/assistant principal.

    6. Other teacher and administrative interventions have failed.

    Additionally, under certain circumstances, immediate action may be taken by appropriate school staff pursuant to existing school board policy and regulations.

  2. Requirements For Incident Reports/Other Documentation Of Disruptive Behavior

    1. When a teacher removes a student, the teacher must complete and submit to the office a Disciplinary Incident Report.

    2. The superintendent or designee will prescribe the form of the Disciplinary Incident Report to be used. The same form will be utilized in all schools of this division.

    3. A copy of the Disciplinary Incident Report will be provided or transmitted to the student, parent/guardian, and to the principal or designee. The Disciplinary Incident Report will include or be accompanied by a notice to the student and parent that, at their election, they have an opportunity to meet with the teacher and school administrator(s) to discuss the student's behavior and the possible consequences if such behavior does not cease. It is the parent/guardian's and student's responsibility to avail themselves of the opportunity to meet.

    4. The Disciplinary Incident Report will be maintained by the school office until such time that it is deemed not educationally or administrationally useful.

  3. Alternative Assignment and Instruction of Removed Students

    1. Upon removal of a student, the principal or designee will determine the alternative assignment and location of the student.

    2. During a significant time of temporary removal, other than out-of-school suspension or expulsion, a student will have the opportunity to receive, complete, and submit classwork for academic credit.

    3. In cooperation with the student's teacher(s), it shall be the student's responsibility to obtain, complete, and submit the classwork in a timely manner.

    4. The classwork will include all academic subjects.

    5. The principal or designee will endeavor to ensure that the student has the opportunity to receive the complete classwork.

  4. Procedure for Return of Students to Class 

    1. Based upon a review of the situation and of the Disciplinary Incident Report, the principal or designee may return a student to class.

    2. The principal's or designee's action will be reflected on the Disciplinary Incident Report.

    3. If a teacher disagrees with the principal's or designee's decision to return a student to class, the teacher subsequently may confer with the principal at a mutually convenient time. The principal or designee and teacher will exchange views and information in a cooperative effort to promote coordinated, effective disciplinary management and measures. Any resolution may be noted on the Disciplinary Incident Report originally submitted by the teacher. 

  5. Teacher Deficiency On Management Of Student Conduct

    1. As part of the administrative responsibilities, the principal or designee should identify and evaluate any teacher(s) deficient in the effective management of student conduct.

    2. The principal or designee may provide suggestions to the teacher for improvement and may reflect any deficiency(ies) in a written evaluation.

    3. Any teacher whose evaluation indicates deficiencies in the management of student conduct may be required by the principal or designee to attend or participate in designated professional development activities designed to improve classroom management and disciplinary skills.

  6. Application Of Policy To Students With Disabilities

    1. The policy shall be applied to students with disabilities, as well as to other students, in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, Virginia law, and all corresponding regulations.

    2. As to any students with disabilities, any temporary removal should be undertaken in consultation with the director of special services or designee.

  7. School Board's Authority

    1. Under Article VIII, Section 7 of the Virginia Constitution, the school board has the exclusive authority to supervise the public schools. Neither this policy or its interpretation shall, in any way, limit or infringe upon the school board's or school administrators' authority to maintain discipline and order in the public schools.

    2. Other school board policies relating to administrative authority or to student conduct or discipline shall not be limited or restricted because of this policy.
Adopted: July 8, 1998 
Amended: June 11, 2007