530R - Assessment

  1. A formal assessment shall be established for each professional employee pursuant to the guidelines in the assessment procedures handbook and in compliance with Code of Virginia, Section 22.1- 295c. 

    Instructional personnel who have achieved continuing contract status shall be evaluated not less than once every three years. 

    Instructional employees who have achieved continuing contract status and receive an unsatisfactory evaluation shall be evaluated no later than one year after receiving such unsatisfactory evaluation. 

  2. Classified staff members shall be assessed as follows: 

    1. Once per year for the first three years of employment.

    2. Once every third year thereafter assuming satisfactory performance.

    3. A change in assignment will require an assessment at the end of the first year; then reversion to the every third year schedule assuming satisfactory performance in the new assignment.

    4. An assessment will be required whenever an employee's performance indicates the need for additional review.

Adopted: August 1, 1991
Amended: September 22, 2006