618P - Distribution of Information/Materials

The School Board of Frederick County, Virginia, seeks to minimize intrusions on the time of students and employees by communications from sources other than the school division. The Superintendent or his/her designee must approve, in advance, any materials sought to be distributed or made available by non-school organizations. Approval will be granted only for materials from governmental organizations and non-profit community organizations regarding activities related to the educational mission of Frederick County Public Schools.

Approval will not be given for materials which
  • are likely to cause substantial disruption of, or a material interference with, school activities;

  • endorse or encourage the use of alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes or any illegal substance or action;

  • endorse or encourage any violation of the Code of Student Conduct (Policy 402P and Regulation 402R); or

  • are obscene, pornographic, or defamatory.
Materials from governmental organizations or non-profit community organizations approved for distribution must clearly indicate their source and must include the following statement in a font size of at least 12 point that is easily readable:  “These materials and the activity described herein are not sponsored or endorsed by Frederick County Public Schools.”

The superintendent or his/her designee may regulate the time, place and manner of such distribution except when related to the instructional program or a voluntary forum or seminar held by students.  Materials may not be distributed in classrooms, the media center, or other instructional spaces during the school day.  Except when the distribution is related to the instructional program, materials may not be distributed during class time. 

Political Communications

Students shall not be required to convey or deliver any material that advocates (1) the election or defeat of any candidate; (2) the passage or defeat of any referendum question or (3)  the passage or defeat of any matter pending before a local school board, local governing body, the General Assembly or Congress.

This Policy shall not be construed to prohibit the discussion or use of political or issue-oriented materials as part of classroom discussions or projects to prohibit the delivery of information materials.

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Cross Reference(s):
Policy 402P, Students- Code of Student Conduct

Regulation 402R-A, Students- Code of Student Conduct 

Adopted: February 25, 2003
Amended: March 1, 2016
Amended: September 18, 2018