603P - Requests for Information and Handling Complaints

Frederick County Public Schools complies with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Except as otherwise specifically provided by law, all public records are open to citizens of the Commonwealth, representatives of newspapers and magazines with circulation in the Commonwealth and representatives of radio and television stations broadcasting in or into the Commonwealth during the regular office hours of the custodian of such records. 

The name(s) and contact information for the person(s) the Frederick County School Board has designated as its FOIA Officer(s) shall be made available in a way reasonably calculated to provide notice to the public, including posting at the Frederick County Public Schools Administration Building, posting on the school division’s website, or including such information in its publications.  The FOIA Officer(s) serve(s) as a point of contact for members of the public in requesting public records and coordinate(s) the Board’s compliance with FOIA.

Citizens with complaints about policies, practices, or personnel in Frederick County schools shall direct them to appropriate school officials.

Legal Reference(s):
Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, Section(s) 2.2-3704, 2.2-3704.2

Cross Reference(s):
Policy 603P - Appendix A, Community Relations - Requests for Information Handling Complaints

Adopted: February 6, 1990
Amended: August 16, 2016
Amended: July 19, 2017