502R - Employee Designations

  1. Classification 

    1. Professional teaching employees are those who hold a position requiring a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited institution or who hold a position that involves specific administrative, supervisory, or technical skills.

      The following specific positions are designated as professional teaching:

      • Superintendent of Schools

      • Assistant Superintendents

      • Teachers and those paid from the teacher’s pay scale

      • Administrators and those paid from the administrator’s pay scale

      • Nurses

      • Psychologists

      • Student Support Specialist

      • Other positions designated by the Superintendent of Schools

    2. Professional non‑teaching employees are those not designated above.

  2. Status 

    1. Full-time employees are those who work 32.5 hours or more per week in a position having a minimum assignment term of 180 days and who are paid on a salary basis in lieu of payment from time sheets.

    2. All other employees are considered part-time. There are two classifications of part-time employees; temporary part-time and permanent part-time.

      1. Temporary part-time employees are those who do not work on a regular basis throughout the fiscal year and work less than 32.5 hours per week.

        There are some positions assigned up to 4 hours per day. Employees in these positions work on a regular basis and are considered temporary part- time.

      2. Permanent part-time employees are those who are customarily employed on a regular basis throughout the fiscal year and work less than 32.5 hours per week and 22.5 or more hours per week.

    3. Part-year employees: Personnel hired after the start of the contract or assignment year for each specific employee designation shall be considered part-year employees for the purpose of salary amortization, other compensation, and benefit calculations.

    4. Limited employees: Personnel hired for a specified period of time generally not exceeding a period of one year or for a specific project.

Adopted: January 6, 1999 
Amended: October 25, 2001 
Amended: October 31, 2001 
Amended: May 11, 2008 
Amended: July 1, 2013 
Amended: July 1, 2015