606P - Gifts to Staff Members

The school board discourages employee acceptance of personal gifts from commercial organizations.  Legal provisions regarding conflict of interest shall be followed by school division officials and employees.  No employee having official responsibility for a procurement transaction shall solicit, demand, accept, or agree to accept from a bidder, offeror, contractor or subcontractor any payment, loan, subscription, advance, deposit of money, services or anything of more than nominal or minimal value, present or promised, unless consideration of substantially equal or greater value is exchanged. 

Gifts of money, real or personal property, and personal services from organizations, community groups, and/or individuals, to and for the benefit of Frederick County Public Schools, shall be encouraged by the division.  Refer to Policy 704P–Operations and Finance - Gifts, Bequests, and Donations for further guidance.

Legal Reference(s):
Code of Virginia, Section(s) 2.2-3100, 2.2-4371

Cross Reference(s):
Policy 704P, Operations and Finance- Gifts, Bequests, and Donations

Adopted: February 6, 1990
Amended: June 19, 2007
Amended: May 19, 2009