Operations & Finance

700 - Operations and Finance

701P - Financial Management
702P - Pupil Transportation
702R-A - School Bus Safety and Driver Responsibilities
702R-B - Eligible Riders
702R-C - Walk Zones
703P - Guidelines Regarding Requests Made Pursuant to the Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002
703P - Appendix: PPEA Proposal Submission Certification
704P - Gifts, Bequests, and Donations
704R - Gifts, Bequests, and Donations
705P - Vendor Relations
705R - Vendor Relations
706P - Business and Travel Expense
706R - Business Expense Charges and Reimbursement
707P - Petty Cash Funds
708P - Inventory
708R - Inventory
709P - Budget
710P - School Activity Funds
710R-A - School Activity Funds
710R-B - Fund Raising and Disclosure Statements
710R-C - Crowdfunding
710R-C - Appendix: Crowdfunding Request Approval Form
711P - Expenditure of Funds
712P - Income: Tuition Fees
713P - Income: Admission Charges
714P - Non-Locally Funded Programs
715P - Audit
715R - Internal and External Audits
716P - Insurance and Risk Management
717P - Sale/Exchange/Lease/Disposal of Property
718P - Records Management
718R - School Division Records
719P - Hazard Communication
719R - Hazard Communication
720P - Purchasing
720R-A - Purchasing
720R-B - Procurement and Credit Card Management
721P - Equal Access to School Facilities, Students, and Staff
721R - Equal Access to School Facilities, Students, and Staff
722P - Disaster Reporting
722R - Disaster Reporting
723P - Use of Credit Cards
724P - Non-school Employees Working in the Schools
724R-A - Non-school Employees Working in Schools
724R-B - Non-school Employees Working in Schools
724R-B - Appendix: Volunteer Coach Agreement
725P - Use of Portable Communication Devices
725R - Use of Portable Communication Devices
726P - Facilities Planning
727P - School Service Providers' Use of Student Personal Information
728P - Design-Build or Construction Management At Risk Contract Procedures
729P - Student Fees, Charges and Collections
729P - Appendix: Student Fee Waiver or Reduction Form