500 - Personnel

501P - Basis and Standards of Employment
501R - Basis and Standards of Employment
502P - Employee Designations
502R - Employee Designations
503P - Health Requirements
503R - Health Requirements
504P - Equal Employment Opportunity/Non-Discrimination
505P - Nepotism
506P - Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation
506R - Appendix: Complaint of Discrimination/Prohibited Harassment and/or Retaliatory Conduct From
507P - Physical Abuse of School Personnel
508P - Child Abuse and Neglect and Reporting
509P - Grievance Procedures
510P - Board-Staff Communications
512P - Political Activities
513P - Professional Organizations
514P - Professional Development Programs
515P - Meetings and Conferences
515R - Meetings and Conferences
516P - Eligibility for Exchange Programs
518P - Reports and Records
520P - Orientation
521P - Employment/Overtime
521R-A - Employment/Overtime
521R-B - Inclement Weather Regulation and Procedures for Building Closures
522P - Salary Payments
522R-A - Salary Payments/Bonus
522R-B - Fringe Benefits
523P - Professional Qualifications: Teachers
524P - Duties and Responsibilities
524R - Duties and Responsibilities
525P - License and Endorsements
526P - Extracurricular Activities
527P - Non-school Employment
528P - Tutoring
529P - Supervision
530P - Assessment
530R - Assessment
531P - Recommendation, Appointment, and Reappointment
531R - Recommendation, Appointment, and Reappointment
532P - Contracts
532R - Contracts
533P - Assignment, Reassignment, and Transfer
533R - Assignment, Reassignment, and Transfer
534P - Promotion
535P - Resignations, Dismissal, and Non-renewal
535R-A - Probation and Dismissal (Classified Employees)
535R-B - Procedure for Exit of Terminating Employees
537P - Suspension
538P - Reduction in Force
538R - Reduction in Force
539P - Bus Drivers
540P - Substitutes
540R - Substitute Teachers
541P - Supplemental Pay Assignment
542P - Retirement
542R - Retirement
543P - Group Life Insurance
544P - Health Insurance and HIPAA Privacy/Administrative Simplification Policy
544R-A - Health Insurance HIPAA Privacy
544R-B - Health Insurance
545P - Death Benefits
547P - Voluntary Retirement Savings Programs
547R - Voluntary Retirement Savings Programs
548P - Holidays
549P - Absences and Leave
549P-A - Sick Leave Plan
549R-A - Absences and Leave
549R-B - Absences
550P - Sick Leave Bank and Short-term and Long-term Disability Plans
550R-A - Sick Leave Bank
550R-B - Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans
551P - Personal Leave
552P - Unused Sick Leave
553P - Annual Leave
554P - Leave of Absence
554R - Leave of Absence
554R - Appendix: Leave of Absence
555P - Sabbatical Leave
555R - Sabbatical Leave
556P - Injury Leave
556R - Injury Leave
557P - Administrative Leave
558P - Civil Leave
558R - Civil Leave
559P - Military Leave
559R - Military Leave
560P - Professional Leave
562P - Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
562R - Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
562R - Appendix: Acknowledgement Form for Employees
563P - Family and Medical Leave
563R - Family and Medical Leave (FML)
565P - Background Investigations
565R - Background Investigations
566P - Alcohol/Controlled Substances Testing Policy
566R - Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing
566R - Appendix: Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing Acknowledgement and Consent
567P - Acceptable Computer System Use
567R-A - Acceptable Computer System Use
567R-B - Electronic Mail, Social Media and Networking
567R-C - Instructional Use of Social Networking Sites by Employees
567R-D - Maintaining Appropriate and Professional Relationships with Students
568P - Driver Eligibility
568R - Driver Eligibility
569P - Lactation Support
570P - School Employee Conflict of Interests
571P - Staff Possession of Firearms