400 - Students

401P - Student Rights
402P - Code of Student Conduct
402R-A - Code of Student Conduct
402R-B - Disciplining Students with Disabilities
402R-C - Disciplining Students with Disabilities for Infliction of Serious Bodily Harm
403P - Equal Educational Opportunity/Non-Discrimination
404P - Extent of School Authority
404R - Student Use of Motor Vehicles and Parking
405P - Compulsory Attendance/Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
405R-A - Admission Requirements
405R-B - Admission of Homeless Students
405R-C - Foster Care Children
405R-D - Home Instruction
405R-D - Appendix: Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction
405R-D - Appendix: Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction (Electronic Form)
405R-E - Entering Frederick County Schools from Non-Accredited Private or Non-Public Schools
405R-F - Re-Enrollment from the Department of Justice
405R-G - Admission of Foreign Students
405R-G - Appendix A: Acknowledgement Of Policies, Regulations, And Procedures Governing Foreign Exchange Students
405R-G - Appendix B: Acknowledgement Of Foreign Exchange Student Nongraduating Status
406P - Admission of Nonresident Students (Tuition)
406R-A - Determination of School Residency of Students
406R-A - Appendix: Temporary Enrollment Form
406R-B - Admission of Nonresident Students (Tuition)
407P - Pregnant Students
408P - Married Students
409P - School Attendance Areas
409R-A - School Attendance Zones (School Facility Capacity and Pupil Teacher Ratios)
409R-B - School Attendance Zones (School Assignment)
409R-B - Appendix A: Request for Attendance Zone Variance Due to Child Care Needs
409R-B - Appendix A: Request for Attendance Zone Variance Due to Child Care Needs (Electronic Form)
409R-B - Appendix B: School Assignment Benefit for Staff Registration Form
409R-B - Appendix B: School Assignment Benefit for Staff Registration Form (Electronic Form)
409R-C - School Attendance Zones (Transfer of Residence)
410P - Student Absences, Excuses, Dismissals
410R - Make-Up Work, Late Arrival/Early Release From School
411P - Withdrawal from School
411R - Withdrawal from School (Probation Procedures for Students Excused or Dropped)
413P - Suicide Prevention
413R - Suicide Prevention
414P - Lines of Communication
416P - Student Scholastic Records
416R-A - Student Scholastic Records
416R-B - Student Transcripts
417P - Annual Physical Inspection of Students
417R - Accidents, Emergencies, and Medical Care
418P - Student Insurance
419P - Contagious, Infectious, and Transmittable Diseases
419R - Contagious, Infectious, and Transmittable Diseases
420P - Safety
421P - School Events
422P - Public Performance by Students
423P - Contests
424P - Fundraising and Solicitation
425P - Student Photographs
426P - Class Gifts
427P - Relations with Law Enforcement Officials
427R - Interview/Interrogation by Law Enforcement and Student Custody
428P - Student Released During School Day
428R - Release of Students to Persons Other than a Parent/Guardian
429P - Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation
430P - Possession of Firearms
431P - Teacher Removal of Students from Class
431P - Appendix: Student Removal Form
432P - Minute of Silence
432R - Minute of Silence
433P - Pledge of Allegiance
434P - Student Wellness
434R-A - Student Wellness, School Meals and Snacks
434R-B - School Nutrition Services
434R-B - Appendix: School Nutrition Services Complaint of Harassment/Discrimination
435P - Restraint and Seclusion of Students
436P - Student-Athlete Concussions
437P - Administration of Medications to Students
437R - Administration of Epinephrine
438P - Lactation Support
439P - Student Search and Seizure